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Victoria Greenhood Designs store sign

A master craftsperson, Victoria has been making jewelry for over 50 years in Massachusetts and Georgia. She has sold her jewelry on Nantucket Island for over 40 years, first with a case in a local store, then with her own storefront on Easy Street. 


Focusing on gemstones and precious metals, she creates wearable, beautiful one-of-kind pieces with clean, technical precision. She has a particular fascination with unusual pearls and stones. 


“I collect gems wherever I go, whether it be to India or New Mexico,” explains Victoria. “I am as likely to buy stones in an antique store as I am at a trade show. I will often create a series around my latest "find," and many of the pieces you see cannot be duplicated.” 

Although her jewelry takes on many forms it always retains its clean lines and wearability. She makes many of her pieces on a custom basis, designed to fit an individual's personality and look.


“My greatest desire is to please the wearer of my jewelry,” she says.

For custom jewelry requests, including engagement and wedding rings, email

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