Victoria Greenhood Jewelry Design

Victoria Greenhood Jewelry Design

About Victoria Greenhood:

Thirty years ago, Victoria Greenhood fell in love with the art and craft of jewelry making. As a young teenager, she began assembling buttons and creating rustic jewelry. She quickly realized that she had a talent for the craft, and, perhaps more importantly, the patience to fabricate jewelry. 

When she later began working with metals and gemstones, Victoria's love affair with design, color, and form solidified. She is particularly fascinated with unusual pearls and stones, and designs pieces with clean, technical precision. Her goal is to make designs that are wearable and comfortable, as well as beautiful.

Victoria travels all over the world to collect gems for her jewelry - including India, New York, and New Mexico. She loves finding unique stones wherever possible, and is as likely to buy them in an antique store as she is at a jewelry trade show. Victoria will often create a series of jewelry based on her latest find, and so, consequently, many of the pieces cannot be duplicated.

Although her jewelry takes on many forms, Victoria's pieces always retain clean lines and wearability. She also enjoys making many of her pieces on a custom basis, designed to fit an individual's personality and taste. Victoria's ultimate desire as an artist is to create stunning pieces that the wearer of her jewelry is beyond satisfied with.


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